Cannot Write on Drive C Error

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Any simple thought please about this concern.  I left my computer overnight with some of the opened programs running. When I went back in the morning, it was already in the off mode. When I started it, it performed scandisk and booted normally. The booting process took very long time and so I got irritated about it. I restarted it again and I was shocked with this error message that appeared on the screen

“Cannot write to drive C.”

Can you please tell me what the problem on my computer is?  I have also initiated system restore as a recommendation from a friend but the same thing had been repeatedly happening. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Cannot Write on Drive C Error



1, Please run checkdisk (chkdsk) command on your hard drive to see if there is any bad sectors on your hard drive, if you don't find any bad sector on the hard drive then run scandisk again in full to check and repair the sectors, that should help in the first stage.

2, If you find bad sectors in the hard drive then i would recommend to backup important data from your hard drive by connecting it to a second working pc so that you can recover or saves any important stuff.

3, Since you've mentioned even with system restore the error “Cannot write to drive C. still persist then the only solution will be replacing your hard drive with a new one, then reinstall windows followed by all drivers and application, but make sure you try the first 2 steps before going to the third as you might recover your data before replacing the hard drive still 

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Cannot Write on Drive C Error


You can login using safe mode and then you can run chkdsk from command prompt. So the first step you can take is run your windows in safe mode and try to login using safe mode if you are not able to log in using safe mode then take these steps.

  • Power on your computer.
  • Press F8 key several times when logging in.
  • It will show you some options and you need to select restore directory option.
  • Once selected press enter and it will try to restore your previous files for windows.
  • After this you can boot your windows normally and then you can delete the infected files from your computer.
  • If this option does not works then you need to format your drive and then reinstall your window and it will solve the problem.

I hope after you go through these steps your problem will be solved.

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