How to troubleshoot optical drive

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I have a Samsung DVD/CD-ROM drive which I often use for burning mp3’s and backing up my files with DVD-R disc. There are times that I get an error at the end of burning process and the disc will be corrupted and the only thing that you can do is to burn again the files.

I don’t know what’s causing this; I want to learn some troubleshooting regarding this issue and to other issue that may arise concerning ROM drive.

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How to troubleshoot optical drive


Regarding your concern I will provide you some basic troubleshooting if you think you have a problem on your CD-ROM.

  1. If you are having a problem installing programs on your computer that comes from a installation disc. Put your windows installation disc inside your CD/DVD drive and restart your computer. If the windows installation disc is read by your CD/DVD drive then your drive is working fine and you are facing a different problem. The software you are trying to use maybe corrupted or damaged.
  2. Try having a different CD/DVD disc. Some brands are not compatible or might not work correctly is some CD/DVD-ROM drive. Choose a different brand, if you are using a Maxell CD, then try using Melody or Memorex CDs.
  3. Check if there are noises like a clicking noise that comes out when you are using your ROM drive. The disc might be broken or the media is not placed correctly inside.
  4. Check the IDE cable that connects your CD/DVD drive to your Motherboard. Borrow another IDE cable to check if the drive is really causing the problem.
  5. Check the media if it’s clean. Do not wipe it with some regular clothes or with your hands. Use cotton or a soft tissue paper.
  6. Check error messages under the Event Viewer. Access the Computer Management, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools and select Computer Management and click Event Viewer.
  7. Check for any updates for your drive.
  8. If you are having difficulties ejecting the media then look for a small hole near the eject/insert button. Then have a thin metal, insert it inside the hole while pressing the eject/insert button you may feel that you are pushing another button inside it.

If nothing works upon doing the above solutions then you might need to perform a system repair or the least that you can do is to take your CD/DVD drive to a computer repair shop.


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How to troubleshoot optical drive


Hi Danny more,

                            It is caused for different reason. No tension I have given a solution for you that would be helpful for you.

-Make sure that your CD-Rom drive is properly connected. If it was not properly connected then try to connect it by following picture.

-You have to make sure about power supply on CD-Rom driver. So you have to connect the data cable properly.

-Make sure that the jumper is properly connected. Set your IDE channel to master if your IDE channel is bearing one device.

-Have you any SCSI device on your drive? If have any SCSI device then you have to check the SCSI cable, and have to make sure  that your driver is assigned with a unique ID number.

-Did you update you driver yet?  If you did not then update latest driver for your CD-ROM.

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