Have you heard about the PLAYSTATION Wand?

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According to the news today, the PLAYSTATION wand is the first digital device winning a place in the Magic Circle museum. In its new game named "Sorcery", players are to perform tricks and spells using this Sony Move Controller.

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Have you heard about the PLAYSTATION Wand?


Officially dubbed PlayStation Move’. This console is motion sensing from the PS3. It has a wireless black wand with a glowing orb at the tip. It uses the Playstation’s Eye camera to track a players' full range of movements using light recognition technology. The slim wand has an analog trigger and quiet a number of buttons on it. It was first revealed on June 2nd, 2009 and launched in Asia, Europe and America in September 2010.


It has been inducted into the Magic Circle Museum because it features a new game called ‘SORCERY’ where players can perform magic tricks and spells. This of course follows this month’s announcement that Sony’s PlayStation has teamed up with JK Rowling (Harry Potter author) to produce the reality gizmo the ‘WONDERBOOK’ which will feature her book of spells.

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Have you heard about the PLAYSTATION Wand?


PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing game controller platform for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). It was first revealed on 2 June 2009 and finally being released on May 22 2012.

The console includes a PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Move navigation controller, and a PlayStation Move charging station. The Motion Controller has an orb at the head which glows according to the game situations and different levels. It includes DUALSHOCK3 action buttons for advanced gaming. You can use up to four Motion Controllers to play the games along with your every family member.

In this new version of PlayStation your every move is translated with absolute precision. Bluetooth technology is used for wireless gaming. A PlayStation Eye Camera is used to track your positions accurately while playing the games.

Additionally the PlayStation Move shooting attachment and PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment adapts the Motion Controller into a handgun and submachine gun form respectively. There is another accessory called the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel released in 2012 which utilizes the motion tracking capabilities of the Motion Controller to steer vehicles in video games and also features vibration feedback, paddle-style gear shifters and twist throttle controls.

You can be a sorcerer with this new PlayStation 3! In the game of Sorcery you have to play the role of a young sorcerer’s apprentice named Finn. He has a magical cat Erline and together they travel through the dark Faerie Kingdoms. Playing as Finn you must master the arcane arts in order to protect your homeland from the Nightmare Queen.

The game features 5 spells – Earth, Ice, Fire, Wind and Lightning. You must defeat various enemies, solve puzzles and craft new potions as they progress through the game. You must journey throughout the Faerie Kingdom, recover ancient knowledge from the City of the Drowned and aid the local townsfolk.

PlayStation Move is a motion-sensing game controller platform

But there is a problem of two camera issues: first, the problem where it occasionally gets in too close when you're trying to move away from enemies and the second involving the snap feature when you center the camera. So, make sure you are always within view of the camera.

The world that's been created within Sorcery is pleasant enough fun with a reasonable storyline running through it but it immerses you so well into the world of magic that you will forget you are playing with two controllers and flicking away.

Currently the price of PlayStation Move is $66.

The game critics are rating it from 8 to 10.

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