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My associate's CMM is not running well. I have some experience with the CMM and the following is a depiction of the error problem.

In first the B&S PFx CNC CMM, the machine and computer are opened.

The PC-DMIS 4.3 software is running.

Then the probe and stylus combination are established.

The PC DMIS prompt states “Do a machine start (if needed), then press OK to home”

The green “MACH START” on the controller is dejected and indicator light runs.

The “OK” button is selected.

The grey activity bar of the screen instantly shows the following error code.


Then I switched off the CMM as well as the computer a number of times. Then I restarted them both and every time had the similar error message.

Thank you for your supports in determining this problem.

We have to find something to happen in a support feature. Please give me any information so we are able to get this machine back up and working.

Please help. Thanks.

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Please check on what you are doing sometimes it is on your work board is something wrong.

Check the controller card, Check the cable motor, Check the drive belts, Try to slow down the machine if that works try checking the bearings, errors occur because something bad will happen if you continued on your work. This program helps us to oversee what will occur if these things are build and to know its safety for the people. You must troubleshoot on your system and let me know if my solutions worked for you. Enjoy your stay here. Have a nice day.


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