Invalid entry error with 7 characters in lenght

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I did what the error said but it seems like I cannot make it. I tried many combinations even more than 7 characters length, it doesn’t want to work at all. Any solution for my problem ? Can anyone help me please to fix this one ?

Thanks !

Invalid Entry

Please enter a part # that is 7 characters in length.

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Invalid entry error with 7 characters in lenght


This error is about the invalid entry regarding java script or magento style. Magento fronted validation is a nice feature for validation of data. 

  • You need to add some "CSS classes" in the "Input field."
  • Then need to submit then validation takes the output by default.
  • If there is some failure it will shown in the message.
  • This validation is done by "client side" via "Java script" 

There can be another way to solve the problem. The validation of java script is of two typs.

  1. Real Time Validation.
  2. Non submit Validation

Real time validation checks the data with each keystroke. And "submit Validation" waits until user submit something.

A basic Validation code block the (if) condition. Here is an example check for  user entered value. By this code you can fix your entries.


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