Trend Micro Internet Security Error

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I’ve just installed Trend Micro on my computer with Windows XP as my OS. But as soon as I try to change the settings to my personal liking, an error keeps on displaying.

I was trying to change the settings under protection against web threats and I also tried changing other settings like spam email filter, parental controls etc.

I am having a really hard time on finding every possible way that could cause this error. Of course, I am new to "Trend Micro" so I might be missing something.

I have tried restarting my computer, but still don’t resolve the problem.  I already asked for help on other websites, but so far no response yet. I hope I get a response here.

An error prevented you from saving the changes. Restart your computer, and then try again. If the problem persists, please contact technical support for help

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Trend Micro Internet Security Error


Hi! Kevinvy,

I’m confused, you said your computer is running under Windows XP operating system but your screen shot of the error looks like it is under Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Anyway, the usual suspects under these errors from Trend Micro are viruses and other Malware.

Viruses and other malicious software are known to change, corrupt, delete, block system files includes those used by Anti viruses such as Trend Micro. Having said that, run a thorough scan under safe mode and delete or disinfect anything found.

Go to Safe Mode:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Press F8 once or twice once your computer starts
  3. Pressing F8 should take you to the Windows advanced options menu, if not then try again (go back to first step)
  4. The Windows advanced options menu will provide you with the selection of Safe Mode.
  5. Use your keyboard to scroll to Safe Mode and press enter.

If there are nothing found, simple uninstall and re-install Trend Micro. This usually does the trick if there are no viruses and other Malware found.

Having one layer of protection, such as having only an Antivirus is not enough. There are Malware that Anti viruses cannot detect, especially the new ones.

Download and install any of these Anti malware that have proven their effectively time and again. ie:-

  1. Malwarebyte’s Anti malware
  2. Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware
  3. Spybot Search and Destroy  

Use one of a one of the two of the above to search for Malware. As mentioned, there are malicious software that the Antivirus cannot detect.

You may also want to replace your Antivirus to the more currently reputable ones. ie:-

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security
  2. Bit Defender
  3. Avast
  4. F-Secure  

Free Anti viruses are good, however keep in mind that the paid versions are always better, which is why they are paid for.

Good Luck!

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