Possible way to trace an IP address

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Hi friends,

I am experiencing this problem that someone is sending me abusive emails. I have the person's email address from the header of the email but I want to trace the person can anyone help me please!

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Possible way to trace an IP address


Hi Jones,

You should have the IP Address of the computer from which the person is sending abusive emails to you. To find the IP Address just open the email that you received and look for the headers of the email. It will be located in different location per the email service provider. 


To see the headers and IP in a Gmail account, open the email and click the down arrow near the Reply option, select Show Original. 

This will take you to a new window, from which you can find the headers and IP. Normally it will look like

Received: from (HELLO Batch Process) ([])

Yahoo Mail:

Right click on the Subject of the email and select the option View full headerto get the information required. 

Once you get the IP information, you may use any of the IP Tracking Tools available on the Internet to get the location of the person who sends you abusing email. 

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Possible way to trace an IP address


When you say abusive emails did you mean the message keeps resending continuously or the message contains some content that is not really appropriate to open? Does it come from unknown person? Because it is not really easy to detect the messages if its really abusive or not unless you will open it and sometimes opening it will bring harm to our computer. The best way is to avoid opening any messages from unknown sender especially if it contains attachment. Never open it because it might contain viruses and other threats.

Also, try scanning your computer. Sometimes, this is caused by malware infection. So use your anti-malware software. Another reason is your email account is already compromised. Reset your password as soon as possible. There are also a filtering feature in some of the email program. Check if you have it. It will redirect messages to suspected spam messages folder.

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Possible way to trace an IP address


Hi Alex,

The tracing via E Mail header is a long procedure. If you are ready to tackle it, let us help you.

1- First of All download a program from this SITE: http://www.emailtrackerpro.com/download.html

2- Install the Tracker Pro Program.

3- Now as you mentioned you have the persons E Mail Header then:

Open the emailtrackerpro on your computer, and copy and paste the E mail header in the provided place and click next.

4- You will get all the necessary details about this person and his IP address etc.

Hope this resolves your issue.

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