Toshiba laptop won’t start with battery and power cord in use

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I am having some issues with my Toshiba laptop.

When I turn it on with both the battery and the power cord attached, the system will barely start and the crash. If I use it with only the power cord, without the battery, everything is fine. The same happens when I use only the battery. I am not sure what the problem could be.

Is it the battery? But the computer works fine, so long as the battery does not interact with the power cord.

What else could it be?

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Toshiba laptop won’t start with battery and power cord in use


Hi Larry, before you throw the battery away, try first to power cycle the unit by turning the laptop off and then just unplug all the devices attached to it like your mouse, external drives etc. Now unplug the power adaptor, and remove the battery. Now press and hold the power button for approximately 30 seconds. Before replacing the battery back make sure the metal contacts of both the laptop and the battery are clean. Because sometimes if they are dirty due to dirt, it may affect its overall performance. Now re-attach the battery.

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