Acer Laptop Battery Issue Annoying

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 I have an acer laptop and it has been giving me huge headache recently.

the problem with it is that i cant use it wirelessly for more than 30 minutes.

I went out and bought a new battery and this only lasted 1 week and it all went back to doing the same thing.

Can anyone help with this. Do I need to send it back or pay anyone to get it fixed??


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Acer Laptop Battery Issue Annoying



Did you bought a original battery from acer? Maybe it is made from china or you got a class B battery for your laptop.  But if you bought is a original acer battery try doing these things on your laptop, try dimming your laptop, defrag your drives, remove unnecessary programs that are running, add some ram for you to allow more process, take care of your battery have a full charge always as possible, don't multitask, try to decrease the appearance or the quality of your desktop (from my experience when I have used a program that makes the appearance of my laptop better it just runs for 1 hour but when I return to the original set up that windows 7 gave us it turn to 2 hours battery life)


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