Tips of getting more traffic?

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Tips of getting more traffic?

I would like to know how can i get more traffic to my IT Blog?

Any info appreciated

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Tips of getting more traffic?


Hi Ca12sey,

Thank you for raising your question to the right site.

Your question is all about some tips on how to get more traffics to your IT Blog. This is the usual problem that most blogger encounter on how to get more traffic and you are on the right track of posting it here. I hope I can help you with this pieces of advice that I will give you.

First, you must visit other blog sites and leave comments that are interesting and with sense.

Second, join some social networking sites like Facebook and twitter and post consistently.

Third, in your blog site the content must tackle some interesting topics like health and lifestyle, tell stories, jokes and other topics that are unique from other blog sites that a person who visits on your site can learn something.

Fourth, add some photos, graphics and illustrations that are attractive and eye-catching that has link-back licensing.

Lastly, never surrender, be consistent and don't quit. This traits will help you to become a successful blogger.

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Tips of getting more traffic?


Many of us thinking that having good website will get millions of visitors. to get more visitors we need to advertise our website. I have listed some tips that how we improve our traffic.

1. Submit your site to as many search engines as you can. there are lot of popular search engines available like Altavista, Bing, Excite, DMOZ, etc.,
2. Have Dynamic content on your site – Message Board, Links Directory, Guest Book, Online Search, Picture Gallery, Quote of the day, News items, Site Search, Links Engine … It all makes for a more enjoyable experience for your visitors … and interested visitors come back. 
3. Make sure you don't have broken links on your site! There is nothing more annoying when one clicks a link and it does not work. There are hundreds of places you can go on the internet that will check your link validity. Use them.
4. Make sure your META TAGS are done right.
5. Use Banners with care
6. Submit your site to as many privately run Link Directories/Search Engines as you can find. These will not generally boost your traffic in any major way but will help to maintain steady stream of qualified visitors.
7. Use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Plaxo, Linkedin and others to get the word out.
Hope this information would be helpful!
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Tips of getting more traffic?


Hello friend,

I appreciate you for asking that question. There are several ways on how to get more traffics to your blog and you must work for it and as what cj231intruso said above don't give up. At first it is really hard and you need to exert more effort in working on how to get more traffic.

The first thing you must do is analyze on what are the topics or the contents that you must consider that makes other people interested to visit your blog and when they visit they will keep on going back. Second, don't lose your focus and give your best in everything you do.

There are really ups and downs before we become successful. Third, it is a great help if you enjoy your work. I hope that my pieces of advice to you will serve as your inspiration.

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