Installing Skype Error Code 1603

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Hi to all!

I have Skype version 3.2 and I wanted to upgrade it to version 4.2. So I downloaded 4.2 on Skype website. Upon installing, the process stopped in the middle, then an error box occurred with error:

Installing Skype failed; code 1603

A fatal error occurred during installation.

I clicked on OK then the installation stopped and disappeared. I've gone to Control Panel to manually remove Skype 3.2, but I had another error

The older version of Skype 3.2 cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group.

I am using Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3. I haven’t use Skype for a few months now. I don't know if there are some Skype components that were accidentally deleted, causing it to stop functioning correctly.

I run on safe mode just to remove the older version from my computer, but it did not work. I searched for the location of my Skype on C: directory and removed all the folders and components of it. I still cannot install a new version of it.

How can I run the installation without having any problems? I need solutions, for I will be using Skype to communicate with some friends from other country. Please help.

Thank you.

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Installing Skype Error Code 1603


May be you accidentally delete some files that’s why it’s showing fatal error or you are not logged in  the User account has administrative privileges to install software.  Try out this. If doesn’t work you can remove the program by clicking


Now download again and try to install it in as administrative privileges. Hope you’ll get helped. Thanks

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Installing Skype Error Code 1603


Good day,


You can actually encounter this error even if you are not installing Skype. This error message is a general error which indicates that there is a problem occurred during the installation. It could be because file name created is too short, a file is locked and cannot be overwritten, Windows temporary folders are full, corrupted setup after installation, just to name a few. To avoid this error, you may empty all temporary folders, and make sure that all running applications such as virus scanners are closed.

I find the particular link below helpful in resolving the issue with Skype installation.

Hope it helps.

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