Time Machine could not complete the backup.

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Currently, I have been facing this issue for about 2 or 3 times. I get an error notification. I have attached the screenshot below for your understanding. 









Time Machine could not complete the


The backup disk image “/Volumes/timemachine/
Bigmac.sparseboundle” could not be accessed (error
I have tried removing the com.apple.timemachine.plist but that didn't work. I've eliminated the portion from my synology NAS and my iMac did returning up once I re-activated it, but the issue repeated again. Can anyone recommend what is the issue may be, I am operating 10.7.3. I would like to thank you in advance for your great help.
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Time Machine could not complete the backup.


Hi Mellisa

Follow the steps in solving the issue of time capsule backup:

-Connect your iMac via Ethernet connection if possible for the connection to be faster.
-Press alt/option key while selecting time machine and select verify backups option.
If the problem persists, use Disk Utility application. It is under application/utilities
-Locate sparsebundle and click First Aid tab. If you will see there some results then Repair Disk.

Note: If you can’t locate sparsebundle in the Disk Utility’s Sidebar, use Finder and double click Time Capsule then open Data and look for sparsebundle.

If repair disk fails then check the messages if it was able to repair some things. If it did, repeat the process until it will repair all of the errors.

Hope you will find this helpful.


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