Trying to install Apple OS

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Is it possible to install Mac OS in a Windows operated machine?


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Trying to install Apple OS


Dear Tomal

It is possible to run Mac OS in windows operating system. For this purpose, you need to download some applications from internet.

Steps for installation / configuration:

Decompress PearPC archive into directory “C:PearPC”.

Create ISO file from the Mac OS.

Save the .dll file to the PearPC directory as “macosx10.3.iso”.

Install PearPC Control Panel and start it. Click “File” / “Create Virtual Hard Drive”. When window open, under “Hard Drive Size”, move the slider till you get 6GB drive size which is necessary for installation.

Click “Browse”. Browse your way to the PearPC directory, and save the HD image as “MacHD3GB.img”. Once you’ve done that, click “Create Hard Disk”.

Click “File” / “New Configuration File” with PearPC Control Panel.

Now Wizard window opened, click on “Continue”. Next to “PearPC Specifics”, click “Browse”, and find “ppc.exe” which is in the PearPC directory you extracted it to. Select the icon you want.

Under “Primary IDE Device”, click “Browse”, and find the hard drive image we just created, “MacHD3GB.img”.

Under “Memory Size” move the slider to how much virtual RAM you want. 256MB or 512MB is better. Click “Continue”.

Under “PearPC Additional Options”, set the video mode you want. Set 1024×768 resolution and pick “32-bit” for color depth don’t use 16-bit color depth. For “Video Driver”, put either “video.x”, or the full path to file, which should be “C:PearPCvideo.x”. CPU PVR should be set to “G3”. That’s the PowerPC processor you going to emulate. Even though you can pick “G4”, don’t, PearPC won’t work. Leave “Full screen Key Combo” and “Mouse Grab Combo” to their defaults.

Leave “Enable networking” unchecked.

Leave everything else on this window default. Click “Finish”.

On the last window, enter a name for this PearPC configuration as “Mac OS”. For location, leave the filename pearpc.cfg, but save in “C:PearPC” directory. Click “Finish”.

PearPC Control Panel isn’t perfect. You need to make a change to the pearpc.cfg file we created with it. Open My Computer, and browse to your PearPC directory. Open the file “pearpc.cfg” with Notepad. Add these 3 lines to the bottom of the file:

  • pci_ide0_slave_installed = 1
  • pci_ide0_slave_image = “C:PearPCmacosx10.3.iso”
  • pci_ide0_slave_type = “cdrom”

Save the file and close Notepad.

Now its time to run PearPC and install Mac OS. Double-click the “Mac OS X” icon in the PearPC Control Panel. It starts PearPC. You’ll be given a couple options on which drive to boot from, the HD, or CD ROM. Choose CD ROM.

Mac OS should start installing itself. When prompted, choose to format the HD. THIS IS NOT YOUR ACTUAL HD, BUT THE VIRTUAL 6 GB HD.

Follow all the instructions. Once Mac OS has been installed, you’re done! You can now run OS X at any time by running the PearPC Control Panel and clicking the Mac OS icon. From now on, choose HD instead of CDROM. Once the OS has been installed, you don’t need to select the CDROM ISO again.

All procedure also available on this site with questions & answers, If you want some help then you must see:

How to install Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) on Windows PC

Hope its works.


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