Is there Linux DVD copier software?

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Hello expert techyv,

I am running Ubuntu Linux on my computer. 

Can you suggest Linux DVD copy software for me? 

I would like to have one. I’ve searched already the internet and all I’ve got was bunch of Windows applications only, nothing for Linux. 

Please give me a link where I can download it if there’s any.


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Is there Linux DVD copier software?


Hi Steph,

Here are two DVD copier that can run in Ubunto:

1. AcidRip 0.14: Free Download

A Program written in Perl and it is an automated Media player/Mencoder.
Once installed this is how the interface looks like (see below).
As you can see, it has a very clean graphical interface for ripping your DVD to avi files. 
DVD copier that can run in Ubunto
This is an open source program, and can work with Mac, Linux and Windows. The advantage is aside from being able to convert DVD files to avi; it can also rip Blue ray like sources.
The length of time it can convert and encode video files is about 40 minutes.
Well of course it depends on the size of the file you are ripping.  
Installation is simple and settings are easy to understand.
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Is there Linux DVD copier software?



You can use Brasero. It comes preinstalled on Ubuntu

1.Insert desired DVD (the one you want to copy)

2. Set options like on picture:

3. Press Copy

4. After Copy replaces successful your DVD to blank DVD

5. Finish your project.

KDE desktop environment

This is just one of the burner you can use. One of the best is K3B.

It is made for KDE desktop environment but you can use it on any other desktop environment.


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