There is an error on irc kick on join.

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Hello guys,

There is an error on IRC kick on join. When somebody joins an mirc or IRC chat channel there is an auto kick bot and how could we prevent this from going on. The chatters can no longer enter the channel and the nickname was autoban as well. To all chatters in IRC chat can you help me to resolve this issue?

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There is an error on irc kick on join.




To prevent the auto kick bot, you need to refer to the source code of IRC kick. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the source code of the IRC kick on your computer. You need to have administrator rights so make sure you are logged on to the account having the administrator rights. You can also be logged onto another account if you know the administrator password.

2. Go through the program for any errors in the program code. If you find any errors, then rectify them. Before you make any changes to the source code, make sure you make a backup of the original file.

3. Check the code for the auto kick bot and delete it. Save the file and run the program again.


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