FaceBook friend cannot be deleted

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Hi there!

I have a Facebook account. It is not a spam. I have some friends but I can’t modify my friends’ Setting.
I can not delete my friends from my EDIT FRIENDS option.
So please, can you give me a solution?
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FaceBook friend cannot be deleted


Hello Clayton,

In order to unfriend someone, you will have to click the unfriend button on the bottom left, on the account you wish to unfriend. If you will do this, you will also be removed from his or her list.
It's not a problem, you can always be friends again as long as you will send a request. To make it easy for you, here is an image where the unfriend button is found. Remember this can be found on the page of the friend you wish to unfriend.
facebook-user account-unfriend button
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FaceBook friend cannot be deleted

This is shehmir,
I will explain to you how to Unfriend/Delete someone from your friends list.
It's so easy. We'll go ahead step by step.
1. Log-in to your Facebook ID.
2. Then go to profile of that person, whom you want to delete from your friend list.
3. After reaching that profile, scroll downward at the end on left side. You can see a some options like Suggest friend, Unfriend, and Report/ Block. 
4. Just click on Unfriend button, and that person will be removed automatically from your friend list.
Now, I hope that matter is solved.
Thanks & Regards,
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FaceBook friend cannot be deleted

There are many solutions to this problem.
Open your Facebook page and from account, choose edit friends and then choose (All Connections) that is above Find Friends. So, now you can see all your friends and your groups that you share in.
So, go to your friend that you want to remove and click the (X) mark and then click yes for the message that will appear.
Another Way:
Find your friend that you want to delete and go to the word (Profile) and then go to (Friends), then click on (See All) and then write your friend's name that you want to delete.
Then click on it and you will find (Remove from Friends), click on it and click yes to confirm that you want to delete this friend. You can choose your friend's name and choose unfriend button. Then you will have many choices to block this friend too.
Hope these methods help you.

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