Is there any way to repair memory stick raw?

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Hi expert,

I need your help as I am facing a problem with a memory stick. Is there any to repair memory stick raw? Please, tell me the process of repairing the memory stick as easily as possible so that I can repair my raw memory stick easily.

Thanks a lot

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Is there any way to repair memory stick raw?


Hello Dear Jason,

It is much easy to repair your memory stick that is showing Raw file system.

In fact this problem is very common. Some viruses can also generate this problem.

Sometimes, when we copy more and more data to memory stick then the files system becomes damaged.

So, here i am going to tell you some solutions.

First solution is this. Please attach your memory stick with your computer. Right click on device's icon and choose format.

It will reformat your memory stick and will make it able to use.

The other method is to use a software to repair it.

You should use Norton's Disc Doctor.

It will repair your memory stick.


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Is there any way to repair memory stick raw?



The solution to this really depends on the status of the device. This is a very common problem in USB flash drive sticks where the stick suddenly becomes corrupted even if it’s all working perfectly well before and is now showing that the drive is somewhat became unformatted or raw like what you said. The computer is displaying raw about the device because it doesn’t seem to have any file system as if it was totally unformatted or haven’t been formatted yet as when you first bought it.

At times, depending on the status of the device, it can be fixed by simply formatting it again and running a disk utility application afterwards to check its present condition. But even if this fixes the problem, it still doesn’t guarantee that it will last as what I experienced with the generic flash drives I have. The fixed status of the stick is somewhat temporary and will become corrupted again after a couple of days or months even if you are not using it.

At this stage, replacing the stick would be a good idea. And if you decide on buying a new USB flash drive stick, don’t go for generic types. It would be best to purchase branded ones for reliability.

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