How can I avoid DVDDL back up error?

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The DVDDL disc is not usable with Windows 7 backup. I am using DVD-R+ which is double sided to back up Windows 7. I have used once the same for back up and when I am trying to back up again on that disc it is saying it cannot back up to this disc. My DL drive is working properly, but the backup is not able to take again on the same disc. Is my disc full or is has a problem with my back up process? Please help me to get out of this problem. I will thankful for all the help and support.

Insert blanc disc

The disc you inserted is not blank.

Insert a disk and close the drive tray.

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How can I avoid DVDDL back up error?


You could have also used 2 DVDs instead of DVDR which is double sided. It is always a hefty procedure. Your backup is more important than anything else, so invest well in it.

About the problem that you have specified, there are few possibilities in this situation

  • The disk might be really full and it won't allow you to write further. Use another DVD.
  • The disk is finalized after you last wrote it. This is a procedure that is followed by most of the writing software that they finalize the disk so that no further writing is possible on it. This is just to prevent any edition to your components on the CD/DVD. This is what might have happened in your case. Just use another DVD or an external usb hard disk but don't use the DVDDL again. It is too risky.
  • There might be a feature of the backup that it makes the DVD not editable in the future so that no one can mess up with the backup you just created, but I doubt that this is possible but still it is a rare case but not impossible to happen.
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How can I avoid DVDDL back up error?


I think the problem started with your first burn. Normally, when you burn data to a blank disc, the software you used to burn closes the disc by default. This normally happens on CD-Rs. But if you want to add more data to the disc, you need to set the burning software to leave the disc open when it is finished.

This allows you to still use the disc and add more data. In the program you are using to burn DVDs, look for an option like “Close disc” or something similar. Uncheck or disable this option before starting the burn to make the disc appendable. But if this option is disabled or grayed out, it means the disc doesn’t support this option.

This can happen on recordable discs like CD-R and DVD-R. To make sure this option is supported to allow you to still add data to the disc after the previous burn, use CD-RW or DVD-RW.

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