Tell me about 80 Microsoft error and its solution

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Hi friends,

I am searching about the errors mostly  occur in Microsoft products and operating systems. I want to know about the 80 Microsoft error.

My question has two parts first tell me the details and differences between 80 (0x50) error file and the "Stop 80"error.

In 2nd part also explain how to resolve these errors.

Your help will be highly regarded.

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Tell me about 80 Microsoft error and its solution



1. This type of error message can be caused due to bad memory (RAM) in the machine.

2. It occurs 0x50 due to the installation of faulty hardware or failure of installed hardware (generally related to defective RAM.

3. Another common issue can be the installation of a faulty system service.

4. The antivirus software can also cause this error, as can a corrupted NTFS volume in hard disk.


The faulty RAM can be located in any of areas including secondary RAM cache, the video RAM, or the computer's main memory. To identify the location of faulty RAM use these following steps:

Disable all caching on computer, including CPU and L2 cache, in the CMOS settings

If you can successfully install Windows after disabling all caching, try re-enabling each cache, one at a time, to determine the location of faulty RAM.

Temporarily replace the video card. If you can install Windows after replacing the video adapter, the replaced video adapter is faulty.

Run Chkdsk /f /r to detect and repair disk errors. Must restart the system before the disk scan begins.

"Stop 80"

The "Stop 80" error occurs when configuration does not include the Plug and Play BIOS or equivalent.


Browse to the Hardware DevicesSystem Devices component folder, and then add the Plug and Play BIOS component to your configuration.

Check dependencies, and then build your configuration again. For information, see Checking Dependencies and Building a Run-Time Image, in Windows XP Embedded Studio Help.

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