System error when playing online game

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Hi, I was playing an online game in the Internet when I received this error message.  When you look at the message, see below, it doesn’t say much so I really bewildered on what to do next.  I have tried looking for answers in the internet but sadly I can’t find a sound one.  Nevertheless, yeah, I did find one forum which said something about drivers but I really didn’t know on how to start resolving the problem.

Please help and it will really be much appreciated. I love this online game so much.  Thanks in advance.

System Error. Code: -2147467259.

Unspecified error.

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System error when playing online game


Maybe it is just a temporary error that happened while you are playing the game. Try checking your hard drive for errors using the disk check. Or use any disk utility application that you may have in your computer.
Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
Click Tools tab.
Click Check Now.
Check Automatically fix file system errors and the click Start.

After the disk check run the game again. If the same error appeared, uninstall the game from your computer and then install it back afterwards. Usually, in online games, the installer or the setup file that you need to download from the website comes in huge sizes. Like for example, Cabal Online, its installer is around 1.5 GB. I’m sure other online games are much bigger than that. Besides the fact that its setup file has a huge file size, you need to support it with enough RAM. If you don’t have enough RAM on your computer the game will not initialize and of course, it will not run. Be sure your system has plenty of RAM memory to support the game. If you have plenty of memory, then just try uninstalling the game and then install it back afterwards. Maybe it just needs to freshen up its configuration. Be sure to close the game properly every time you finished playing.

Or try reinstalling or upgrading your video card’s driver.

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System error when playing online game


Hello Francis,

This is a system error code and its occurrence is as result of a problem with your system. So we cannot say that the problem is with the internet connection or its configuration.

The problems are in the windows operating system, either there is bug in its development code or any other problem which you will need to troubleshoot and fix it.

Troubleshoot windows by going to help and start on the programs list, then follow the steps for troubleshooting system errors in windows.

You can also troubleshoot the system error online. Under help and support choose the option that allows the system the check for solutions online and fix it.

While the error is fixed, your game will be working properly on your PC.


Lee Hung

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