System Defragmenter virus/Malware appearing after boot up

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Hi! All,

Yesterday,I logged in to my computer and once it started an error message popped up on my screen saying the

"System has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required".

I tried restarting my machine but every time I log in to windows or whenever I attempt to launch programs or delete files. I get the error message on my task bar. After trying out everything it turns out it was a virus/Malware called System Defragmenter that was able to slip past my McAfee Antivirus system and claims to be scanning my machine and then hence displaying the numerous errors and prompting me to purchase the program in order to fix the errors. I did a full virus scan but McAfee still did not detect anything. What can I do to get rid of this Malware?


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System Defragmenter virus/Malware appearing after boot up


System Defragmenter

Beware of this virus or Malware, it is a harmful application that performs Trojan attack to the victim. The virus or Malware will give a panic to the victim computer user. It will mimic a security tool or utility tool and display bogus information that will make the computer user panicked.

It also convinces the computer user that the tool is powerful and can detect problems inside the victim’s computer then convincing you to purchase the application.

Do not be fooled by this virus/ Malware. Better to ignore the application if encountered at the first time. Because this is the first move to infect your computer and disabled your Antivirus capabilities.

If the virus or the Malware already convinced you to purchase the software do not waste your time to call your credit card company for the reversal of your purchase.

These are the powerful messages that might convince the victim to purchase the applications and infect the victim’s computer:

  1. "System Restore: the system has been restored after a critical error. Data integrity and hard drive integrity verification required.”
  2. A system error appears when you run programs installed inside your computer and displays the following message instead of running the application: “Exe file is corrupted and can’t be run. Hard drive scan required. Scan Hard Drive”
  3. This Malware also mimic an Antivirus scan and scans your computer for errors and virus infections. It will display a bogus report as exact as what a system scan displays a report, which will ask the user to respond for the detected problems. And all of these are scam.
  4. A critical error saying your hard disk drive is missing or cannot be found.
  5. A critical error that fooling the user and reporting that your hard disk drive clusters are damaged and your data is at risk.
  6. A critical error saying your operating system cannot locate the hard disk space.
  7. A critical error that informing the victim that the memory fails because its usage is cortically high.
  8. A critical error which fools the victim telling your data has been lost which is caused by a computer hardware failure.
  9. A critical error reporting that there is an indexing error on the data stored in your hard disk drive and requires you to restart your computer.

These are the few errors and reports you will receive (but not as what is exactly reported by the System Defragmenter virus) when you are infected with this Malware.

You can manually remove this Malware but it is a harmful virus. Even removing the virus manually or by a Spyware Doctor, it still leaves damages in your system. Unless you are a expert to solve the damage made by this Malware,do not do it your own. We highly recommend that you re-install a clean operating system and all of your applications installed.

By the way you may visit the for removal instructions, here’s the link

Remember, that as the damage has been done, it still can be impossible to be restored. Instead of making an effort on removing the virus manually, back-up your files and install a clean operating system.

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