System Crashes During the Hibernation Mode

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My computer crashes whenever it goes to the hibernate option. I have found this problem only with Windows Vista Operating system. Since I have been using Windows XP, recently I have upgraded to Windows Vista.

I have also upgraded the RAM capacity to 1 GB from 256 MB, after consulting my computer manufacturer. After all of this, I face a problem like when it goes to hibernate, the system crashes and I need to restart the computer.
Is the problem related to hardware or something to do with settings.
Please Help?
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System Crashes During the Hibernation Mode


Hello Carter,

This seems to be a simple problem where we may fix it effectively, with the steps mentioned below for your reference.

This sort of hibernation problems are mostly caused, by the driver issue that arises in our computer. Some times updating the drivers would solve the problem. But for getting on to the root cause, I would say there may be some problem with the settings, where it needs to be changed and checked for correctness of working and after that we may shift on to the Drivers Updating.

To check the Hibernation Settings, just go to the Control Panel and then to the Power Options. In Power Option select Hibernation. Once inside the Hibernation, you may see an Enable and Disable option. Now select Disable. Let me explain why we need to do this.

Since at the time of Hibernation all the files that were in the RAM are sent to the (hiberfil.sys). A file system that belongs to the hibernation needs more space, than the RAM in the Computer to hold on all the Data. When it has less space, it may get confused on which file to store and which to ignore.

So that may cause your computer to crash. So we need to allocate the higher space to (hiberfil.sys). Since you have upgraded the system RAM recently, to do that, we just need to Disable the Hibernation and then run the Disk Defragmenter, which would automatically allocate the space for the (Hiberfil.sys).

Once the De fragmentation setup is complete, then we need to enable the Hibernation option, through Power Options in the control Panel. This time during the Hibernation you may find that the system won’t crash.

Kindly follow the Troubleshooting mentioned above to solve this problem. It will work out.

Enjoy Computing.

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System Crashes During the Hibernation Mode


Thank you so much.

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