Microsoft Visual Studio Buffer error message

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I am trying to run an OpenGL program in Microsoft Visual Studio and get a buffer error message.  At times when I try compiling the code, it throws up the same error message.

Here comes my PC detail below

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

.net framework 3.5

Microsoft Visual Studio


I was not able to find many details in the web for this error message. I am posting this question here, so I can get a quick response.

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Microsoft Visual Studio Buffer error message


Hi Kenneth,

I want to share with you what pbuffer was. Technically, pbuffer is the article created by one of the pbuffer extensions.  These are Belvedere specific. There is a wgl one, a GLX one and apparently one on the mac.

It's an abstracted apprehension ambience, which lets you draw being apart of the capital (visible) apprehension ambience.  It's absolutely offscreen and is never displayed (even admitting it can be bifold buffered).

The best accepted use in amateur, is to actualize an arrangement programmatically. But pbuffer is awkward and platform-dependent. FBO is alone accessible on newer cards/drivers, but is abundant added useful.

If you aloof appetite to cede a bit of being into an arrangement and aren't too agitated about performance, I acclaim you cede it into the accustomed (back) absorber and again archetype with, glCopyTexImage2D instead. This is decidedly quick and is abundant easier than pbuffer or FBO.

So I suggest,  just try it again. It seems there’s nothing really like an error on it.



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