Svchost.exe Error Code 0x00003771: The Memory Could Not Be Read

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Svchost.exe error referenced memory at '0x00003771'

The instruction at "0x0095f89d" reference memory at  "0x00003771".

The memory cannot be "written".

The instruction at 0x0095189d referenced memory at 0x00003771

svchost.exe – Application Error

The instruction at "0x0095189d" referenced memory at "0x00003771". The memory could not be "written". Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the program

This happens on my Windows XP machine and not much could be found on other sites. So decided to post a question here

Thank you experts

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Svchost.exe Error Code 0x00003771: The Memory Could Not Be Read


Hello Mr. Morcus Obort's,

Hereby i have posted solutions for your computer problem.

Just before getting into the troubleshooting I would like to explain what svchost.exe is.

What is (svchost.exe)

Svchost.exe is a system process that hosts multiple windows services which are considered to be essential for better working of computer operating system..

So Svchost is not a Virus or a file that is not related to your Computer OS. It is one of the essential file for the Operating system's proper functioning.

Here you may ask why one of the main system file cause such annoying problems in my computer.

The Probable reason for the Problem That you have faced may be because of a Virus that disturbs or the file got corrupted. However here we are going to solve .

Another Problem That you may face because of svchost.exe is your computer working too slow from the time you turn on your computer where you may not be able to work with any up to an hour. I have faced this problem for some time before. For this what i will do is I will go to Task Manager and click on Process tab to check out any programs occupying maximum CPU Usage.

Because Most of the time I have noticed svchost.exe occupying the maximum number of CPU Usage up to 99% which never allows any of our application to be executed .What I will do is i just right click on the particular svchost.exe file and select End Process. Most of the time this solves the system slow issue.

But actually I do not recommend to do this because sometimes, disabling an important svchost.exe that supports OS may cause the computer to shut down. However, I would like to guide you on how to reach Task Manager to check out CPU Usage .

  • On Main Screen Press (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) at once.
  • You may notice a small window,There click on Task Manager
  • Now you may notice the Task manager window. In that Check for Processes Tab and click on it.
  • Where you can find a list of files that are Executed .
  • The Image Displayed below is an example for Task Manager Window with processes tab selected
Window task manager - Processes
  • You can find the CPU Usage in the above displayed image. Where as I said before if that CPU Usage is high up to 99 % or anything above approximately 15% occupied by svchost.exe makes the system to work slow.

 Finally We are onto the main issue that will be solved within 5 STEPS.

Kindly Follow the Steps in the Following Sequence as it is mentioned below:

Problem Reason:

The problem that you are facing with your computer may be because of Windows Updates. So to check out that let's go ahead and try these step first.

Plan of Action:

We are going to Disable the Windows Automatic Update, then restart the computer again, leave it until it boots up completely. Then Turn on Automatic Updates. And finally, check whether the problem is solved.

Steps :

  • Go to Start Menu and Right Click on My Computer and select Properties
  • A window named System Properties will get opened. In that select Automatic Updates tab
  • Select turn off Automatic updates
  • Restart the computer and allow it to load completely once it is restarted
  • Access windows update tab once again
  • Turn on the Automatic Update.
  • The below mentioned Image is an example for system properties window for reference.
Syatem Properties - Gerneral Turn off Automatic Update

   The Image dsThe

This above mentioned step should correct the problem. If it still doesn't work, then we will go to Option 2:

Option 2:

If you have a Anti Virus Software, just try to run a complete scan on your computer and heal if any virus are found.

Now checkout whether still the svchost.exe problem persist. If not, that good. Schedule Complete scan weekly once or twice .because there are some chances that svchost.exe or some main system service files got affected by virus would make them function abnormally.

Still no go lets try the Option 3

Option 3:

We need to just go ahead and disable the Windows Automatic update and we need to connect to the Windows website manually to download updates whenever needed .Where this would be the better way for a computer affected by this kind of software problem. But this option I understand that will not be suitable since every time we need to manually Search for updates.

So what I suggest is try to back up all the files in your computer and try to Repair operating System using operating system disk. However running a Repair Installation does not disturb any files in other drives other than the drive where OS is present. But just for a safety taking up a backup copy of important files is recommended.

While running a repair installation it will just go ahead and replace all the affected areas to the right files. And it makes sure everything is fine. So 99% repair installation may solve this problem. If not go with this too.

As a final option we need to reinstall the operating system. Since reinstalling the operating system may cause loss of data please do take a data back up before starting the installation.

Hope the Svchost.exe problem that u have mentioned will be solved within any of these troubleshooting steps.

Have a good day.

Enjoy Computing.

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Svchost.exe Error Code 0x00003771: The Memory Could Not Be Read


Svchost.exe is a common executing file for many programs. Hardware drivers, software, even viruses also use this svchost.exe file. If there is any newly installed driver or program uninstall them and check whether problem solve or not. If not your have to scan for viruses. If virus was found, kill it. Or otherwise you will need to reinstall your system.

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Svchost.exe Error Code 0x00003771: The Memory Could Not Be Read


Hi, Have another suggestion to resolve this kind of issue, hope it is work to resolve these kind of issue.

Follow this steps:

1. Download the Ccleaner software then install.

2. Run Ccleaner Program to fix the registry of the system.

3. Right click on the My Computer icon>>>Properties.

4. On the system Properties click on Advanced tab

5. Find Startup and Recovery just click on Settings.

6. Check all System Failure then set the “Write debugging information”.

Thank you, hope its help.

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Svchost.exe Error Code 0x00003771: The Memory Could Not Be Read


I’ve encountered this error several times on my Dell Windows XP computer. I don’t receive it while using the computer. It normally appears on the screen when the system is about to shut down. But I don’t see it again the next time I start the computer. In your case, try rebooting. Click “OK” when you see it to close the dialog then restart the computer.

See if the error appears again after booting. That error has nothing to do with the “svchost.exe” file because it is a system file. The “svchost.exe” file is not a program or application that you normally install on your computer. This program is a system process that hosts numerous services in Microsoft Windows in the Windows NT series of operating systems.

The name “svchost” is the shortened name for “Service Host.” This system process is vital to the execution of what they call “shared service processes”, where several services can share a single process for the purpose of reducing consumption on resource. Grouping numerous services into a single process saves computing resources and this consideration was of specific concern when they designed Windows NT.

This is because creating Windows services consumes more time and more memory compared to other operating systems like in the UNIX family. But the downside is, if one of the services triggers an unhandled exception, the entire process can possibly crash. If the problem continues and the error is with the same affected file, try reinstalling your operating system or update your operating system to the latest Service Pack.

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