Software problem in my Windows XP

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My computer operating system is Microsoft Windows XP service pack 2.

When I use Internet and automatic updates enable in my computer after some days a message appears saying,

"You may be a victim of software counterfeiting, please use Microsoft original windows" .

After then I am not able to install any software.

What is  the matter? How can I prevent this?

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Software problem in my Windows XP



It’s very common for those who use illegal version of Windows XP.

When you download and install updates windows detect that you are using an illegal copy of windows.

To solve this problem disable automatic updates and use windows for long time. If you don’t install updates Microsoft is unable to detect that you are using a manipulated or illegal version of windows.

You can install Softwares in your PC and use frequently. 

If you want to use updates for your PC please purchase a commercial version of windows. 

Hope you have got a better idea about your problem.



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Software problem in my Windows XP



This is a notification coming after you install the Windows genuine advantage via Windows or Microsoft updates. When it is running your copy of Windows fails its evaluation.

So here are few solutions what to do:

1. Open this zip file (rar) and copy the files.

2. Go to you local drive (C:).

3. Go to Windows.

4. Search- system32.

5. Open and paste the files which copied from the zip file.

6. Locate the file wgafakap.exe and click twice on it.

7. Restart your Windows.

Another solution:

1. Click on Resolve now in the Notifications to be redirected to the site.

2. Download the original copy or go to Start up and click on Receive regular notifications.

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