Suggestions about DL burner under $100 and media

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I have got some old matters. It seems that the same disks do not read at times. It happens when I try to insert an empty disk. I have inserted a MAXELL DVD-R as well as a MEMOREX DVD+R just now, but neither would arise. I have tried a FUJIFILM DVD-R also, but the same thing happens. However, all these discs were burned and at the moment, the burner declines to read them.

Why is this happening?

When I insert 2 MAXELL DVD+R, it looks like reading well, although I had troubles playing the movie. It would freeze up and again, no scratching when burned with similar burner. I think, it is time to use a latest burner as well as better media. Please give suggestions about DL burner under $100 and also about media. Also where to purchase these?

Thanks in advance.

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Suggestions about DL burner under $100 and media


Hi Barb

This usually happens with old, often used CDs and DVDs that get scratched and dirty over time thus causing problems while trying to be read by the drive. It should not happen with new, empty disks. You can try a few things here:

If your DVD drive is more than a couple of years old, the lens may have gotten dirty. You can try cleaning the lens using these. Here is the link.

Now, DVDs are getting close to extinction. In fact no new Apple computers have DVD drives built in. So, buying a new external hard drive instead is a wiser choice. For $100 you can get 1 terabytes drive. They are quite small and very cheap. They are excellent for backups and will easily hold large number of music and movies, not to mention, they are way faster than optical media.

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Suggestions about DL burner under $100 and media



It seems you tried many ways for this purpose but nothing works well. So I am giving you some source where you can get burner with your budget.

Thank You.

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