Multiple issues with HM hud

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Hi friends,

I have windows vista installed on my system. Recently I got some multiple issues with HM HUD. I am using HM1 version 1.12.09 and I am running it as an administrator.

I got the first error when I started importing. The error said 'assertion failed'. I never had this error before on my screen. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

Assertion failed program line 417

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion failed!


File: .HemData.cpp

Line: 417

Expression: 0

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

(Press Retry to debug the application – MT must be enabled)

When I press ignore on the above message, even then I get Huds displayed on the tables.

Another problem that I am facing is that when I play and change something in the player preferences, an error appears on my screen saying that HM hud is not working. To get rid of this error I always have to relaunch HUD.

Another issue I am facing is appears when huds are displayed at the table. The huds stack up at the top left corner and I have to adjust them manually every time I start a new session. They all change automatically for the next session. Therefore I have to change them manually every time I start or end HM or relaunch Hud. The mucked bands also stack on the top left corner.

Well I know it is not a serious issue but still it's very disturbing and frustrating. I'll be really thankful to you if you help me fix this issue as early as you can.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Thanking you loads.

Kind regards.

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Multiple issues with HM hud


    I am very sorry to say but windows Vista has some serious issues when it comes to apps.
There can be many reasons for the cause of this error.

Some can be,
Windows and the app are not updated regularly!
There is a bug in the app that causes this error.

The best solution would be to go with the tide and update your OS!

Hope this helps you and you got your answer! 🙂

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Multiple issues with HM hud


This seems like that HUD or the holdem manager is crashing. All your problems can be solved if you try below tricks. Any one of them might be the reason and hence you will have to troubleshoot keeping them in mind. 

  1. You need to update graphics card.
  2. Disable Aero and enable any other theme.
  3. Run Vista in compatible mode.
  4. Disable or reduce hardware acceleration.
  5. Rule out corrupt config file as problem.
  6. Untick live tracking.
  7. Rule out firewalls and anti viruses.
  8. Narrow down the cause of crash.
  9. Enable logging.


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