Suggest Funny Flash Drive Names For Disk

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How can I change the name of my system’s hard disk? Can anyone please suggest me some funny flash drive names? Is there any effect on the working if I do it?

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Suggest Funny Flash Drive Names For Disk


You can do that by going to Control Panel -> Disk Management.

Right click on existing disks and change the name.

You can rename it to whatever you want.

How about naming it with some unique choice.

You can name your Flash Drive “Downloading-Virus” or “System-Corrupted.”

You can also name it on the cartoon characters like “Pikachu” or “Team Rocket.”

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Suggest Funny Flash Drive Names For Disk


Renaming your hard drive is very easy. You don’t even need to go to Disk Management in the Control Panel to do that. You can rename it straight from the Windows Explorer. If your hard drive is partitioned into several drives, in Microsoft Windows it will appear like you have many hard drives installed on your computer.

A standard MBR volume can be partitioned up to four primary partitions only. Now, since you only want to rename a drive on your computer, launch Windows Explorer then click a drive to select. Once it is selected, press “F2” on your keyboard to rename it. Majority of file managers use F2 to rename a file or folder.

Renaming a drive in Windows Explorer

Once the text box appears, enter the new name of the drive and press Enter. And that’s it.

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