STOP – Error Dism Mount-Wim

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Hello TechyV!

Hi, TechyV! Can anyone please tell me how to fix this error?

I can't find any resource on the Web dealing with this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


STOP – Error Mount-Wim

Dism Mount-Wim return with error code: 1058

 Error Dism probably due to previous use of imagex 6.0.6001

 Reboot and then Remake using the Collected Win7 Files


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STOP – Error Dism Mount-Wim


A few things, 

1. Make sure you are using DISM from the Windows PE Tools Command Prompt, and not the regular command prompt.
2. make sure you have full control permissions on the directory your MOUNT folder is in, as well as the location of the WIM file you mounted.
3. Make sure to run the prompt in #1 as Administrator.

It looks like you are running this on Vista right?

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STOP – Error Dism Mount-Wim


Hello FrancesHB,

There is an alternate solution to this problem and you should consider it to be sure that this problem is solved once and for all. You need to follow these steps:-

  • First of all, make sure that GImageX is close.
  • Now open Regedit.
  • Go to ‘HKLMSoftwareWIMMountMounted Images’.
  • Locate a sub-key with big name like ‘375cf017-f246-432d-9643-e5b1082617d0’ and delete it.
  • Close and re-open windows Explorer.
  • Delete the folder that you used as mount point (e.g. <C:JOBWIM>) and then recreate it at the same location.
  • Re-open GImageX.

The problem is solved now.



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