State-Of-The-Art Vehicle Infused With Technological Advancements

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I am going to trade my car and buy a new one. I am just wondering of taking Cadillac 2015 Escalade. How much is it? I want to know also its security features. What is Lane-Change Alert? What is Side Blind-Zone Alert? What is Rear Cross-Traffic Alert systems? How these features work? What is the essential of this features while driving? What are the types of media I can utilize with this car?

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State-Of-The-Art Vehicle Infused With Technological Advancements


Hello Deborah!

Escalade is the crowning jewel of Cadillac. Hand sewn and hand-made, hand-assembled parts is on the best task in their products. Let’s see what the best features that this car can offer are.

Cadillac Escalade 2015 has a selling price of $72,970. You can synchronize your tablet with NEW CADILLAC MAGAZINE APP. You can remotely start your vehicle using your iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. You can also use your smartphones to lock and unlock your car. Locate your vehicle and check tire pressure. Check the oil life and fuel level.

SRX Side Blind-Zone Alert is the ability of your car to send you signal while changing lane. This will give you alert if a car goes near behind you and light in the mirror alerts you with the incoming vehicle.

Lane-Change Alert will give the driver a notification signal that they need to change lane for the nearby high-way exit.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system can scan areas adjacent to the car. It warns the driver even if it’s coming from left or right or backing out from parking spaces.

These features provides the driver and passenger a much secured travel experience. It will not allow the driver and passengers to be entangled with road accidents. This is beneficial especially if there’s child on board. It extends also the ability to use the Alert system as your eyes and ears in driving. Quite expensive though but really can give you comfortable and safety in the road.

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