Stash Me Some Must Play PC Games

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I really love to play games and I want some suggestions from you guys on playing some of the latest games. I would like you to make a list of newly released must play games and provide me a short description how the game starts. If you could provide screenshots, it would be a great plus. Please suggest at least 5 games.

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Stash Me Some Must Play PC Games


I am a PlayStation gamer, But i haven't touched games for a while, Since i have finished Infamous, But i have a list of some games i am planning to buy in the near future.

The first game is Thief, The game is praised by most of critics, The game is graphically stunning also, I can't wait to play it.

The second game on my list is far cry 4, After the amazing far cary 4, I just can't wait to get my hands on its sequel.

Call of duty black ops 3;when the technology advance until it feels creepy and suddenly we can't distinguish what is human and what isn't,  While call of duty black ops 3 is only revealed, I can't help but get in the hype train, I just can't wait for the zombie mode, I love COD BO 1 and these Nazi zombies, I hope this one will feel the same.

The fourth game i would recommend is FIFA 14, I have played this one, it feels more realistic and natural than any of previous football games, This is a must try

The last game on the list is unreleased game, but one of most anticipated ones, Which is Batman:Arkham knight, I am really holding my breath on this one, Can't wait for it to be released, You get to play as Batman's son who gets His father's legacy and tries to save his city.

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