SPSS V 19 with network license takes time to start up.

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I am facing a problem with SPSS V 19. We are using net sentinel server for the purpose of licensing all users. Even if the server executes this program only, it is taking too much time to start up. Does anybody happen know this problem?

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SPSS V 19 with network license takes time to start up.


Hello Anne Hathaway,

The net sentinel server might be taking too long to start because you do not have the administrator privileges, and therefore I will advice that you have the administrator enable commuter licensing option on the SPSS sentinel license manager machine to be able to carry on successfully with the process. Just use the procedure below:

  • Just go to the SPSS Sentinel License Manager machine, and from there right-click My Computer and then choose Properties from the list of options.
  • Next click on the Advanced tab and when it expands select Environment Variables option.
  • You will then have to locate the LSERVOPTS system variable, and then choose the option for editing it. Locate the "-com 0" parameter, once you have found it you will be needed to either remove it to make all network licenses commutable or you can opt to change the value to the percentage of licenses that you want to be commutable. Note that a valid value is limited to only 0 and 100. Once you have done all that restart the computer to refresh the settings.


Clair Charles



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