Speech recognition is not working

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When i on speed reorganization and give a command.

Its not working better and a MSG appear"what was that".(see the image below)

I want to know how to do this correct?

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Speech recognition is not working

  • In your Office word try to add  a Speech recognition tool. You can do that by going to “Start” menu icon, then input “Windows Speech Recognition” and tap “Enter”
  • If this your first time using Speech recognition, The Speech recognition wizard will display on your monitor screen. Just simply choose your device after that, then read the procedure on how to set up the tone, voice quality, and so on, then tap “Next” to continue. Simply follow  the procedure to finish the method completely. There will be some tutorial, I suggest that you take this tutorial so you can be familiar with  the tools in Speech Recognition. The Speech Recognition will be displayed at the  top  of your Window screen once you successfully finish the process. You can now open Office word and use your Speech recognition tool.
  • It’s best if you create a good quality voice profile. You can make a good speech profile by going to “Start” then scroll to “Control Panel”
  • Once you’re in “Control Panel” choose “Ease of Access”  followed by  “Speech Recognition” menu. Now select “Train your computer to better understand you”, to finish the voice profile creation simply follow all the directions that the training wizard will provide you.
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Speech recognition is not working


What was that?!

Are you sure that you have a good voice in your profile?

Make it sure lol because it has a big impact on you, same like your problem today.

Anyway, you have to create a voice profile by opening the ‘Speech Recognition Options’ by just clicking the ‘Start’ key.

Then click the ‘Control Panel’ and hit the ‘Ease of Access’ and afterward, you have to click the ‘Speech Recognition Options’. And important thing is to click ‘Train’ in your PC or laptop to understand you and follow the directions in the Voice training wizard.

That is all and enjoy.

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Speech recognition is not working



Speech Recognization work well in Native American language.

If you don't have any problem in talking and uttering English language and if you did not set up the voice recognition in a manual activation system it must work properly.

However sometimes " what was that? " Showed by the speech reorganization if it happens please check your Audio manager and increase or maximize  your microphone volume.

Most of all give and keep watching speech recognition  tutorial.

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