Help for making voice recognition software

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I need to design a voice recognition software for my organization. I need to know few basic steps to make a voice recognition software.Does it compares the user voice with the saved voice of user in software or it uses frequency and pitch of sound to recognize ? Any professional with past expierence with any voice recognition software please help.

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Help for making voice recognition software


Hello Adam!

1. You need a voice command device. This device will recognize human voice turning it to computer commands or tasks.

2. Voice will only be rated or determined and scanned if the system is intended for systems or with limitations to have the system work only with the owner. It will check for the uniqueness of the voice and matching it with the database.

3. Simple commands in accessing like Windows platforms doesn’t need any algorithm to check the uniqueness of voice. Any voice will be accepted to order and to provide commands to computer.

4. There are various voice recognition modules that you can find in our market that you can integrate with your program. One is SmartVR. Adam I believe integration of this device is almost as the same with the integration of “biometric” scanner and “Serial/Price Tag” Scanner. For now it’s not yet plug and play and make it work while creating your system in any programming language. You still need to have a parser. You have to compile add on that will interpret voice to codes.


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