What are some voice recognition softwares?

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I came across the Dragon Speech Recognition Software.

Some reviews says that the program helps increase your writing speed and better your speech.

What are some other software's that provide the same service?

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What are some voice recognition softwares?



Speech Recognition Programs usually helps improve your speech since you need to speak clearly in order for the program to recognize the words that you are saying. Therefore, improved speech skills lead to an accurate speech recognition which in turn speeds up the writing process.

The voice recognition program is especially beneficial to people who has difficulty in typing and much more to those with speech defect since the voice recognition technology trains you how to correctly pronounce the words so that it will interpret accurately what you dictate.

Though the Dragon Naturally Speaking is the best out there, here are my top 3 suggested Speech Recognition Softwares that you might want to try:

• Windows Speech Recognition is a Windows Vista and Windows 7 built-in software which has a reasonably high accuracy which can still be improved by completing the training. It includes a short tutorial to help you get used to the speech recognition commands.

e-Speaking can do a good job interpreting your speech into text. But you might need to speak slower and clearly to get high accuracy, and you also might still use your keyboard and mouse to do a little editing on the errors.

Talking Desktop has an accuracy that is not as good as those mentioned above and would also require you to speak slowly and clearly since its reaction is rather slow. But this software has other functions such as providing you with the latest update on the news, weather and your favorite sites which can also come in handy.

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What are some voice recognition softwares?



Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a speedier, more productive route for legitimate pros to make contracts, direct briefs, and draft court archives or message wires. You are able to transform your voice into content several times snappier than most folk’s sort-with up to 99% precision utilizing virtually any Windows-based provision.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a preconfigured lawful vocabulary that incorporates over 30,000 legitimate particular terms and expressions, and it even designs legitimate references. Here are some similar softwares;

AshSofDev Speak, Embedded Speech Recognition Kit, SpeechVibe, DSpeech, Sphinx, Aliado.SAT, ZebSpeech

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What are some voice recognition softwares?


Here are the top four Voice Recognition Programs.

Of Course the Dragon Voice recognition Program is the First one it can be used to almost all windows based software, and it is 99% accurate compared to other voice providers mostly are 70% accurate only, but it is not easy to download this software.

Second in line is the IBM Via Voice this is not as accurate as Dragon but is less expensive compared to Dragon this is easy to install and easy to use but not guaranteed on quality of voice.

Third is MacSpeech iListen they say that this better than IBM for accuracy and can be run directly from Apple office application.

Lastly the Commodio, Inc QPointer Voice this is more focused on the assistive technology rather than a voice recognition system. Its concentration is in typing documents, this is good for web surfing. So these are the 4 top Voice Recognition software that you can use.

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