Specifying range of values to save to excel vb6 environment

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When and how does one specify the range of values to save to excel vb6 without explicitly declaring the cell numbers in an order dictating the sequence to follow?

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Specifying range of values to save to excel vb6 environment


Hellow Christine Cummings,

I have got the point of your interest.

I have researched implicitly about the matter and finally I have reached to the correct approach.

You have to create an excel workbook by importing a text file and separating the file into cells in worksheet 1. You should have two additional worksheets which contain information which has been obtained from different databases. The last worksheet is a column of values which you used the concatenate function to create. Each row within the column will be  separated by commas and a semicolon at the end for the record delimiter.

Ideally, I would like to recommend to do the following:

1. Copy a range of cells based on all of the concatenated cells.You have a cell which counts all of the cells which have actual data.
2. Open a text file
3. Paste the information into the text file.
4. Save the text file to a shared drive with a file name indicating where it came from and what date it was completed.


Best Wishes


Shifflet Laurel

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