Want to know how 2 create Activex dll in VB

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I am a windows 7 user. I'm quite new to visual basic. I would like to know how 2 create Activex dll in VB. I have no idea about it as I have said that I'm a novice to visual basic. Please help me with details. 


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Want to know how 2 create Activex dll in VB


Hello Frank,

VB is a good programming to start with. You took a good decision to start with VB. Reuse of code is the main thing of OOP as you know. ActiveX DLLS works by calling methods. It’s looks like a block and the main program calls it when needed. Please follow the steps below to create an ActiveX:

· Select ActiveX Exe when you are starting a new project.

· Change the project name to a useful one.

· Write down the code.

· Execute the program.

If you don’t have any code then please try to follow this site:


You’d find several books on VB and choose any one you like.

Good Luck.

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