Sourcing out of KEYWORD VALUES from saved documents and files

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Hi! May I ask if KEYWORD VALUES can be sourced out from my saved documents and files in my computer? If yes, is it possible to find it in the PROCESS RESOURCE FILE? What are the correct steps and directions if I wish to save a KEYWORD VALUE in the Pathfile? Could it also be possible to save it in a PROCESS RESOURCE FILE? Thanks in advance. 

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Sourcing out of KEYWORD VALUES from saved documents and files


The keyword values cannot be sourced out of the file and cannot be saved because they are related to specific fields in the file.

But there is a slight chance that you can use the values first to save them somewhere else. Follow the steps.

  1. Open the keyword values page or wherever they are placed.
  2. Copy all the values from there.
  3. Open a notepad and paste all the values that you copied before.
  4. Save the txt as "abc.PRF".
  5. Once done it will be now a Process resource file.

If you still can't do this then convert it to any other format that is legal, like the pdf or any other. The steps will be almost the same as the above; you just have to change the extension in the inverted commas from the last step.

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