Sound Problem in My Intel Motherboard

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Hi, I am a beginner in the world of technology. Recently I have learnt how to install operating system in a fresh computer and tried to practice on my desktop computer. But after installing the operating system I am not getting any sound from my pc.

Motherboard model is Intel DG965RY. In the device manager I don’t see any problem and sound device is showing high definition audio device. To get back the sound I tried by reinstalling the sound driver and don’t see any error message during the process. When I try to play any kind of audio file, it says bad sound driver detected. Somebody please help me.

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Sound Problem in My Intel Motherboard


Hi Darren,

Maybe the settings is not set well. Here's the solutions for your problem. Do any of the following solution. Hope this can help your problem.

Method 1

First thing to do is to check the volume control settings. By checking it, open the volume control window. Follow this steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows key, -> select All Programs, -> select Accessories, -> select Entertainment, -> click volume control.
Step 2: Then on Options tab, -> click Advanced Control.
Step 3: Check all the boxes of volume and mute settings.
Step 4: If some of the mute check boxes are checked, then uncheck them.
Step 5: Then restart your computer.

Method 2

Also try the Sound Troubleshooter, it may also help to solve your problem. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows key, -> select Control Panel
Step 2: Select Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices category, -> select Sounds and Audio Devices icon.
Step 3: On the dialog box, select Hardware tab and click Troubleshoot.
Step 4: Questions will appear, just select the answers in radio button which you encountered.

If Sound Troubleshooter does not help you at all, there are still many ways to try, follow the methods below.

Method 3

Verify your sound device driver on device manager. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press the Window key, -> select Control Panel, -> select Performance and Maintenance, -> click System.
Step 2: At the System Properties dialog box, -> select the Hardware tab, -> click the Device Manager.
Step 3: Click twice Sound, video and game controllers, then notice whether your sound device is at the lists.
Step 4: If it is listed, right click then click Properties
Step 5: Click Driver tab then check Driver Provider, the Driver Date and the Driver Version.
Step 6: Check the Digital Signer, If nothing is listed maybe it's the Driver that cause the problem

Method 4

I have suggestion for you, try to change you sound driver. Download the updated sound driver Realtek Ac'97 Go to this site then download the driver.

Download Realtek Ac'97, here's the link:

Method 5

Check for other hardware conflicts and devices that are turned off. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Windows key, -> select Control Panel, -> select Performance and Maintenance, -> click System.
Step 2: Double click the Sound, video and game controllers. Try to look for an exclamation point sign (!) in a yellow circle or a red 'X'. Yellow exclamation point, it indicates hardware conflict.
Step 3: To troubleshoot this issue, go to the Hardware troubleshooter then click "I need to resolve a hardware conflict on my computer".

The symbol red "X" indicates that the device is turned off. How to turn on a device? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Device Manager, right click the device marked with red "X," then click Properties.
Step 2: Under the Device usage, choose Use this device (enable) then click OK.
Step 3: Then restart your computer.

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Sound Problem in My Intel Motherboard



I read your post your problem is about the installation of sound in your computer. Ok follow these steps:

Right click control panel then find sound and Audio device check the setting after that go to add and remove program > find the name of the sound that you’ve been installed just click on it > click remove or uninstall program. Restart your computer then Insert CD motherboard driver into your CD-ROOM then in your desktop right click on My computer icon > click Manage > click Device Manager > find sound, video and games controllers, if there is Question mark symbol, yellow color right click on it, then update driver > in your screen shown Welcome to the hardware update wizard click on No, not this time > next > next > wait until finish > then click Finish. Restart your computer.

Thank you, hope its help,





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