Regarding the motherboard and processors

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What will happen if motherboard touches the cabinet's that side metal where mounting holes are located without that yellow-gold colored heads & screws. What is the difference between Intel's Dual Core & Core 2 Duo Processors?

Will anyone can tell me as soon as possible.

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Regarding the motherboard and processors



First I will answer your first question. The mounting holes and yellow-gold colored heads & screws are primary designed to hold the motherboard firmly to the casing. Other than that they avoid the contact of motherboard with the metal casing which is essential to avoid electrical shorts. They also act as a thermal conductor to transfer the heat inside to the casing.

Without them anything is possible even an electric failure causing motherboard to short or burn. It’s not recommended to assemble a PC without proper installation procedures which risk the components as well as lives. Dual –core (Pentium Dual core) and core 2 duo both have 2 processing cores.

The major difference is with the number of processor instructions which is high in Core 2 duo making it more capable than Dual-core. Generally Core 2 duo processors have more cache space (l2 cache) than dual core increasing their processing power.

Also dual core is less expensive than core 2 duo and it supports less FSB’s than C2D (1066, 1333 MHz).Overall according to processor bench marks C2D is 5% ahead of dual core.

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Regarding the motherboard and processors


To answer your first question, the motherboard would be grounded if it touches the metal plates of your casing. Your pc will not boot because of the ground.

Attach the gold colored screw to the metal plate for it created a barrier between the motherboard and the metal plate.

As for your second question, the difference between the dual core and core 2 duo that dual core is a generic name or description of two separate physical cores in one chip while Core 2 Duo only a label or brand name that’s created by intel.

They still have the same 2 core but only the power consumption. Core 2 duo has a lot more power than dual core. I hope this clears up a little confusion on both processors.

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Regarding the motherboard and processors


If a motherboard is installed without the use of standoffs (the yellow-gold colored heads) and instead is mounted directly to the case, then the motherboard will end up not working.

It may be a temporary problem (put the standoffs in and remount and it works) or you may get to buy a new motherboard.

Intel Core 2 Duos have a larger amount of L2 cache. In certain applications, a larger L2 cache can provide a major boost in performance. 

Intel Pentium Dual-Cores lack some features that the Intel Core 2 Duo includes, such as support for Intel VT-x (used for virtualization) and TXT (Trusted Execution technology). 
As of September, 2009, the fastest FSB supported by the Pentium Dual-Core line is 1066 MT/s. The fastest Intel Core 2 Duos support an FSB of 1333 MT/s.

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