Motherboard wire connection problem, wire misplaced

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I will tell you at the beginning that I tried to be smart and thought of cleaning my dusty motherboard on myself without any manuals or technical helps. At first I thought that I will be able to resettle it but the situation worsened and now I am not able to switch on my motherboard using my power button. To be more concise, I have no idea where to fit the power SW, reset SW, HDD LED and other small connections. I think that they are the cause and if I am right please provide me with the solutions.

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Motherboard wire connection problem, wire misplaced

Happy to support!
Hope you have first connected the power supply. 
(Make sure that both the 20/24-pin connector & the 4/8-pin 12V connectors are attached properly.)
Now start connecting the LED's first because they are pole sensitive, unlike the switches (marked as SW). 
  • Always connect the + pin (the side with a small arrow on the black plastic) to the + pin on the mother board.
  1. HDD LED – the red wire is the +pin (Connect the bottom left pin on motherboard to the left most one)
  2. THE LARGER POWER LED CONNECTOR – blue wire is the + pin (bottom right of your motherboard connectors)
  3. THE SMALLER POWER LED CONNECTOR : The + pin goes to the most top left pin on your motherboard connectors. 
  4. RESET SW + POWER SW – The + and – doesn't matter here. The Power SW goes to the pins labeled as " + PW- " and the Reset SW goes to the "- RES + ".




Don't be anxious because connecting those into wrong places or in the wrong polarity does not damage the computer, only the switch/ led does not work.
Best of luck!

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