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I am using a Micromaxx laptop and all had been well until it crashed. I was initially using Windows XP SP3 and I decided to continue using it. The problem is when I install it, my computer don't produce any sound, but when I install Windows XP SP2 it produces sound. I have searched for micromaxx website for sound drivers over the internet but in vain. What can I do, i want to continue using the sp3 but with sound. Anybody with a clue on how I can get alternative drivers or what can I do?


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           After every installation of a new Operating System in a computer, one of the most important thing that we need is to have drivers on each hardware of our computer. I experienced before the same driver problem that you have now.  After making days of research in the internet I found various solutions in finding the right driver for specific hardware, and which is compatible for specific Operating System, and I come up with three suggestion, perhaps solutions for your driver problem.

          One of these solution and for me the easiest solution is to have a copy of driver genius software. This software allows to get information of uninstalled driver(s) on your computer and automatically link to website that has it. The link(s) is always compatible with current operating system used, all you need to do is to click download and install the driver. Second solution, you may also get another driver scanning software write down the name of the hardware detected (ex. Micromaxx) and look for it in the internet and specify for SP3 compatible driver. These will take some time to find it. Third solution is to go to device manager on you control panel, system, hardware tab, right click on the sound hardware, select properties, select details tab, then write down the first 20 to 30 characters of the hardware ids and compatible ids (ex. PCIVEN_1106&DEV …. ). This description is the specific hardware ids which comes in various names that you will going to look at the internet.

         These three solution I believe very effective for laptops because you don’t have or need to open your laptop to see what is inside and look for the name of your hardware. Hope this solutions will help you find the right driver.

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