Sound Cuts Off Randomly

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I updated to Android Oreo and since then the sound randomly cuts off. I’ve tried increasing/decreasing the volume, but nothing is working. My phone was working perfectly before the update and this problem has recently popped up. When I’m playing my audio through headphones or aux, it plays completely fine.

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Sound Cuts Off Randomly


Go to settings>Google>Search & Now>Voice>”Ok Google” detection>Always on to OFF, and then back ON and reboot.

If the problem persists with just one app, try closing it. If you can’t still hear the sound, uninstall, and reinstall the latest version of it or try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

If the problem is with the device and not a specific app, reboot your device. Clear all cache.

You can try turning off Easy Mute in the Advanced Features in Settings. If none of the above helps, it might be a manufacturing defect, in that case, the device must be taken to a service center, the error will mostly solve with deleting of the latest Android update.

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