Damaged notebook case due to mishandling at the work

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I bought my laptop few months ago, HP Chromebook 11. Since I am always using it and my schedule is always on the go, sometimes I accidentally bumped it in the door and the edge of the table. That pierced and made a hole in the right part of it. I still don’t have budget to replace it. I just have to cover it so no one will notice the damage. I am quite humiliated with this, I just want to know, is there any way that I can patch the damaged part of my laptop? Can you provide me suggestions and how to do it?

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Damaged notebook case due to mishandling at the work


Actually, even though many are in the myth that laptop repairs must be done through the manufacturer itself and might be very costly, it is not so. 

Most of the damages to the notebook cases, can be easily repaired by yourself or with the help of a resource personnel with good knowledge and experience in the field, only with a minimum expense.

As in your situation, you can follow the method of using some putty, paint the spot and let it dry.

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