Laptop fan stops sunddenly which cause overheatiing issue

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I am using DELL inspiron 15 laptop. It is a old model and works fine.But now I am having problem with the fan of my laptop it stops during execution and after some time the laptop become over heat and turn off.When I restart the laptop it works fine for few minutes and then the same issue arise.

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Laptop fan stops sunddenly which cause overheatiing issue


Hi Aditya Derick,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are facing these problems. Either one of two things is causing this problem, the air vents are clogged with debris or the fan needs to be replaced.

Instructions To Clear Debris

1. Get a can of compressed air.

2. Point it at the air vents of your Dell Inspiron 15 laptop.

3. Press the lever of the can to spray the air. You can also place the extended tube in the vents and spray as well.


If the above instructions did not resolve the issue then the fan needs to be replaced; this can be done by a certified technician.



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