Sound and game problem in my Windows 8 PC

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Hello everyone,

I am having some issues on my Realtek High Definition Audio whenever I played Counter Strike 1.6 and when launching the program called TeamSpeak 3. This program gets 4% from the 20% sound mix.

Also, when minimizing and then maximizing the game, I can only see black screen. Is this an issue with my graphic card driver? Or any other issue?


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Sound and game problem in my Windows 8 PC


It could be an issue with your sound driver. Go to Realtek official site and then download for any available updates. The link is given below:

Download Realtek Sound Driver

Now if you continue to receive the same issue, try to check if you are just getting the same problems while playing Counter Strike game. Try to play any music from your media player. If its working fine, then this is not an audio problem. Since you say that when you minimize and maximize the game, you are getting a black background only. It could also be a graphic issue. To make it sure, update your graphic card driver as well.

I posted a video on fixing black screen when playing Counter Strike 1.6, maybe you can get an idea on where the problem really occurs.

[video: autoplay:0]

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Sound and game problem in my Windows 8 PC


    your first problem can be due to a bug in the REALTEK application.

The solution can be to reinstall the software or install the update for the software. REALTEK has a bad history when it comes to bugs. So hope that they have addressed to this issue before it has annoyed you. 🙂

The second problem of black screen in after minimizing the game is a very common problem and can be caused in almost all games.

The cause of this problem usually is,
1. The game is minimized when it is loading data.
2. The game is minimized while it is storing data like the current progress.
When this is done during the above these processes the game usually halts the process and this is not retrieved from where it was stopped. This causes the problem.

The solution can be,
1. Please avoid minimizing the game during play.
2. Pause the game first and then minimize it.
3. Or go to the main screen first and then minimize the game.

Hope you got your answer! 🙂

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