Problem to use bsplayer sbs, please help

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Hello, I have a problem with bsplayer sbs subtitles. I made them on 3D subtitle for my movie and it was according to movie. I can easily rum them by VLC software together with my film but I can’t do the same by bsplayer. I would like to watch that movie just using the BS and during many years it has been working very well. How to solve this problem which I have got with BS? Thank you! 

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Problem to use bsplayer sbs, please help



Rename the video file and the subtitle file as the same name. Then copy the subtitle file into the same folder as the movie.

Another reason for the subtitles not displaying is the rendering options you have set.

  1. Go to options
  2. Then preferences
  3. Then video
  4. Then rendering tab
  5. And change the internal renderer option to default


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Problem to use bsplayer sbs, please help


Considering you got your subtitles with 3dSubtitler and assuming you converted them with idx as the output, there are a few necessary steps to make them work on BSplayer.

  1. Get the .sub file and create a .rar archive with it.
  2. Create a new winrar archive and put the previous .rar with the .idx file from your subtitles.
  3. Put the final file within your subtitles folder for BSplayer.

It’s a way to go through the loops in BSplayer when it comes to playing subtitles with different outputs.

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