Sony Vaio Laptop Screen Problem

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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-C1Z/B laptop.

When I turn it on, the Capslock button lights up, even the WiFi and Bluetooth indicators.

Every led light that should light up when laptop is turned on is lighting except for the LCD screen.

It’s totally black.

There’s no light whatsoever even a flicker.

I have tried restarting it but nothing has changed.

What should I do?

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Sony Vaio Laptop Screen Problem


Hi Julian Battles,

 it’s an unusual problem causing your display to malfunction or better say become invisible. This can be the outcome of several reasons. First of all your computer lights and boot process, as you say, seems completely normal because when Sony Vaio laptop turns on, it flashes every light available on the device once.

After that you must try to follow the steps written below which had better tell you that it’s a software problem or a hardware one.

  • Turn off your laptop and eject the battery unit. Disconnect the AC adapter. Now, press and hold the power button (it shouldn’t do anything because there’s no power supply attached to the laptop but only a CMOS cell). Keep it pressed for more than a minute.  

Note:  This would set the BIOS setting to default. Check now if it works.

  • Make sure your computer is properly booting up & you can hear any recognized sound like tapping a key makes a click sound. (This would ensure that your software is running & lcd is not working. * hardware issue *
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged and not an old one i.e., outdated. If that’s the case try removing the battery and plug the AC power into the laptop. Now check if it works.
  • Make sure to look close into the screen if you can see any icon/text or anything familiar in the dark screen. *This is usually the case, when your laptop’s LCD power cable is faulty and you just need to get that power cable replaced*
  • It’s a problem which is caused by over-heating laptop and most of times pressing the outer area of laptop LCD. On Sony Official discussion board many have reported about this issue and they have argued that the graphics card is creating such problems.

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