Some Unusual Pixels in Laptop Monitor

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Good morning friends,

I have a problem with the monitor of my laptop. There are several screen areas in the lower right and lower left of my computer monitor that sometimes flicker and shows a different picture and color different from what is being shown in the screen. Sometimes it shows what seems to be duplicate of the other areas shown in the monitor. My Laptop is fairly new and I find this problem very annoying when I am watching videos. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my computer and what are some solutions you can give me to solve my problem?

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Some Unusual Pixels in Laptop Monitor



There are several reasons for this monitor display failures. AS We all know LCD screens are generally the most expensive part of a laptop computer and possibility of failure is very low. First you need to check the display drivers for any corruption. Navigate to Device Manager and check display properties for any error or disorder. If an error exists reinstall or update display drivers. It may also be a hardware failure and you must take your laptop to the agents to check internal VGA Chip damage. As Laptop VGA is inbuilt to motherboard it will be very costly for any repair. If you little about hardware you can remove the casing and brush the laptop motherboard with Surgical Spirit and dry it and check for problem resolved.

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