Two black lines in my HP monitor that keeps bugging me

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I have HP 2311GT 3D Monitor 23". This is situated in my work room in garage. I would like to know what is my computers problem. It is showing 2 horizontal lines on top most part. I connected this with my home theater system and mixers. I haven’t have any problems for the last few weeks I’ve been using it. But now this is my problem. Every time I turn off my desktop and turned it on, for few minutes I will not see it. After certain time it will show again the black lines. Please help me with this. Thank you!

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Two black lines in my HP monitor that keeps bugging me


Happy to support you!

Actually, this issue requires some troubleshooting

First of all, if the overdrive is enabled, disable it by going to catalyst control & un-checking the check box by the overdrive.

If this brings no result, switch off the computer and unplug all the devices. Then, press hold the power button (on system unit) for 15 or 20. Reconnect the devices and check if the issue is solved.

Also, it can be due to a problem in Windows setting, such as regarding the refresh rate. So, right-click on the Desktop and select “Screen Resolution.” Click on “Advanced Settings,” “Monitor,” and then lower the refresh rate to see if the lines disappear.

If the previous step proves to be unsuccessful, unplug the monitor. If the “no signal” message also comes with black lines, it is clear that the problem is in the monitor. So, select “Menu” button on the screen, select the “other” option, go to “Factory Settings” mode & reset the monitor to original settings. If the issue still persists, it can’t be fixed & would need a replace.

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